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The Color of Always
LGBTQIA+ Comic Anthology

Everyone Has a Story. 

It's a simple statement, isn't it? The phrase sticks to our collective subconscious like glue. Why? 

Stories bring us together.
They are our cultural memory. They prove we are bound together by a common thread of existence.

Stories help us remember.
They remind us of what is important. Stories are catalysts of change as well as our collective moral compass.

Simply put, stories matter.
They give context. They help us empathize. They make the unknown approachable, and what is thought foreign, far more familiar.

It's Time to Share Yours.

There will always be forces of hatred and opposition to what is construed to be other in society and culture. These forces are often rooted in fear and ignorance. It creates an aura of powerlessness. 

But we are not without power, nor are we without agency. We stand upon the shoulders of those who carved a path with righteous conviction and unshakeable courage, born from a fundamental right to exist, to love and be loved. To love ourselves. To know ourselves. To remember, and to help others understand.

Every one of us has a story of that journey. And I want to put them in a book.

Applying for the Color of Always Anthology

The Color of Always is a book about queer love. Its primary mandate is to enshrine our stories in print as testimonies, heirlooms, evocations and evangelisms for queer creators and readers, with a secondary mission of conveying these precious and essential journeys to others as a bridge towards emotional comprehension and compassion.

Here is what you need to know in order to participate.

What Are We Looking For?

  • We want personal tales - YOUR tales - born of love and all its permutations. Love comes in many forms. The possibilities are as endless as our collective experience. From falling in love with your soul mate, to revealing your sexuality or gender identity and being accepted....or being rejected, and finding a a new family instead. Perhaps it was about being raised by two fathers, two mothers, or by anyone. It may be about learning to love and accept yourself. Whether verbatim from memory, based loosely on actual events, or fabrications tethered thematically to a true experience, all pitches must be rooted in the core premise of love and our worthiness to know it, our desire to embrace it, and our right to openly celebrate and memorialize it in ink.

  • We accept stories adapted from experiences of friends and loved ones. We accept stories passed down from family and cherished friends, and we also welcome the participation of allies who wish to share the stories of friends and loved ones, however...

  • We require that at least 50% or more of all creative teams be part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and teams comprised predominantly of queer creators will be given greater consideration. For writer/artist collaborations, that means either the writer or the artist must identify as part of the community. Colorists, letterers, and any collaborative or supporting elements that you chose to work with as part of telling your story will factor into this percentage. Consider queer creators as collaborators whenever possible. (Read on for matching details/scenarios).

  • Stories can be a minimum of 6 pages, or a maximum of 10 pages. Color (full or limited) is encouraged.

Pitch Submission Guidelines

  • There are ten team positions up for consideration. We accept pitch submissions from writers submitting their concept alone, artists submitting portfolios alone, and complete teams. We also accept artist allies applying alone. We prefer submissions from complete teams. There will be matching (where possible/applicable) within the acceptance process, but pre-arranged teams are encouraged to apply to ensure full consideration. For creators submitting alone, we accept allies to ensure there are enough artists available, but you will be paired with a queer creator. If there are no queer creators unmatched, you will be kept on reserve retainer for if/when one becomes available due to unforeseen circumstances and complications.

  • Writing pitch submissions should include:

    1. Your name and email. Important! :) 

    2. Your artist name and email if submitting as a team

    3. Story title

    4. Page Length (approximate)

    5. One sentence summary of story, followed by one paragraph expanded synopsis of plot

    6. Artwork samples from artist (if submitting as a team - see below for art submission guidelines!)

  • Artwork portfolio submissions (as part of a team, or applying as a solo artist) should include:

    1. Examples of any previous character concept art that feel best conveys your aesthetic voice

    2. Examples of any previous sequential art that best conveys your procedural visual storytelling skills

    3. Your FULL NAME in the FILE NAME, along with your full name and email included somewhere on all art samples as a secondary backup precaution for identification purposes

Operational Details, Team Compensation, Development Methodologies and Kickstarter

  • Teams, once determined, will be asked to provide full scripts to the editorial team for feedback. (See below for full project timeline)

  • After scripts are finalized and approved, we are only requesting character concept art and ONE finished (lettered or un-lettered) page of the story. Why just one page? This WILL be a Kickstarter project and MUST fund for compensation, and we don't want you to work for freeIf we fund, we will enter a developmental phase where teams will be compensated once funds are released. Then, and only then, will we give official directive for accepted teams to begin.

  • Teams will be compensated at $50 a page if funded. While a fledgling anthology project, we feel teams should be compensated to the best of our ability within acceptable budget for a crowdfunded endeavor. Be advised the Kickstarter goal will have this rate incorporated into its total, meaning an approximate projected funding goal of approximately $20,000 (higher or lower depending on participation level and other developmental factors) is estimated. The first major planned stretch goal, should we be fortunate enough to reach it, will involve increasing this to $75 a page.

  • Teams are responsible for their own coloring and lettering solutions. Arranging these elements beforehand is encouraged. 

  • The Timeline will be progression based until Kickstarter launch. Stages of development will be broken into phases. Events can transpire faster depending on team engagement and speed. Teams will be held to these approximations in order to participate, but allowances will be made for unforeseen events and inspiration. We're human, not machines, and the editorial team will allow for additional time depending on circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

    See the breakdown below:

    • Phase One - Open solicits for pitches​ (Sept. 18 - Oct. 3) - COMPLETE

    • Phase Two - Pitches reviewed by editorial review board (Oct. 3 - Oct. 17)

    • Phase Three - Teams selected and first drafts of scripts requested. Feedback (if applicable) will be provided to teams. (Oct. 17 - Oct. 31)

    • Phase Four - Character design and one page of sequential art required from teams. (Nov. 1 - Nov. 30)

    • Phase Five - Kickstarter Launch (December - 30 day campaign interval)

    • Phase Six - If Kickstarter successful, teams asked to complete stories (along with all required color and lettering) for submission. Upon completion, project administration will begin the process of implementation, production, and fulfillment.

  • Finally, these are your stories. They will always be yours. Beyond preservation and publication in this anthology, you are the owner of your story. You always were. We merely borrowed it so others can bear witness.

Just remember that this project is a labor of intent, purpose and love. This is, personally, my first anthology endeavor, but I want to make it one to remember. We're in this together. On behalf of myself and the entire editorial team, I look forward to your submissions!

Click the button below to submit your pitch and/or portfolio below. - CALL FOR PITCHES IS NOW CLOSED! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SUBMITTED! 

    Brent Fisher

    Curator, Editor, and Writer

    The Color of Always