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Let's Get a Little Familiar.


Nice to meet you! I guess if you're here you'd like to learn more about me, eh?

I exhibit a healthy appreciation for all things nerdyIn fact, I am a big fan of Carol Danvers. She's a huge part of my personal approach to everything, philosophically. 


I'm non-binary and my pronouns are they/them. I love all animals, but I have a soft spot for Dachshunds. (Hansel & Gretel, I miss you, and I will love you forever.)

I possess an unabating desire to befriend strangers, an endearing or annoying trait, depending upon perspective, I'm told I inherited from my grandfather.

Non-Binary Flag Pin
and Work

I'm a published comic book writer, editor, and storyteller, eager and hungry to share more stories! I'm also an experienced marketer. I've been either writing, editing, or managing projects for marketing for the last 15 years. Check out my chops over here!

I've recently retired from the board of Kaleidoscope Youth Center, an LGBTQIA+ youth organization in Central Ohio, after several years of service.

I have a graduate degree in American History with a focus on organized labor, along with a Bachelor's in Journalism.

Together with Michele Abounader,
I've co-created Extra Pages Press, an independent LGBTQIA+ publishing group devoted to elevating queer voices in storytelling. 

Most recently, I have accepted the position of Creative and Editorial Director for Dauntless Stories, an independent publishing label that focuses on unique stories from diverse creators. As part of that role, I am also Chief Diversity Officer of Band of Bards, a fully worker-owned independent comics and multimedia publisher. 

Our goal is to tell daring stories from amazing artists, writers, letterers, colorists and more that champion representation, broaden minds, invigorate the imagination, and put creators first

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I have a passion for storytelling. I adore the power of illustrative parables in popular culture, from comics to movies and beyond. 

Let me explain why.

Stories bring us together.
They are our cultural memory and inheritance. We are as equal now when reading and listening about fantastic adventures and epic journeys as we were when huddled together before the fires of antiquity. They prove we are bound together by a common thread of existence.

Stories help us think.
They help us empathize. They help us rationalize and contextualize. They help us evolve.

Stories help us remember.
They remind us of what is important as we inevitably evolve into something better than we were before. Stories are our catalysts of change as well as our compass.

I think that's pretty neat, don't you?

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