Check Out My Chops.

Below you will find links to a few examples of my writing, including scripts, story pitches, and curated excerpts from ongoing projects to illustrate my narrative layout and conceptualization process.

My greatest pleasure in life is telling stories. I hope that shows here.

Please note these are google document links for the greatest potential compatibility. 

Script Examples  

Selected scripts from past writing projects and exercises.

01 | Message in a Bottle | - A sixteen (16) page story about life, death, and a bit of dancing.

02 | Dauntless | - Full issue concept. Airships! Explosions! Drama! Treasure! Did I mention Airships?

Pitch Ideas

Selected story pitches for future projects that mostly only come to me right before I fall asleep.

01 | The Home Guard | - A story about family, loyalty, and identity in a violent distant future (plus giant robots).
02 | A Lie Called Amanda | - An action-packed treatise on the magnificent beauty of now. With bullets.
03 | MONSTROUS! | - A garish horror and period crime thriller one-shot story set in 19th-century urban Scotland.

Other Stuff

A veritable Hodge-Podge of other writing endeavors left in a Crock Pot with a can of Dr. Pepper for 8 hours.

01 | A Series of Lives | - My poetry Tumblr. A few hundred poems to lose yourself in. 
02 | Character Concept - Sabine Archibault | - Example of character creation - Background, Lore, and Intention.
03 | Remember Me | - I'm not going to sugarcoat this: It's steamy romance fanfiction. But I'm proud of it.
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