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Check Out My Chops.

I have several editorial and writing credits including stories in anthologies and projects with Source Point Press, Dauntless Comics, Band of Bards, and more. Below you will find links to examples of my writing, including scripts, pitches, and curated excerpts. My greatest pleasure in life is telling stories. I hope that shows here.

Please note these are google document links for the greatest potential compatibility. 

List of Published Works

Stuff with my name on it.

Diamond Code: JAN231450

From writer Brent Fisher (Color of Always, Dandy Presents Penny Dreadfuls), illustrator Salomée Luce-Antoinette (Nubia Coronation Special, Silver Coin) and letterer DC Hopkins comes Magic! Lies! Betrayal! Blood... and mercy. A wayward knight discovers that not all is as it seems in this short one-shot epic introduction to a world that teaches us to look beyond-and within-to seek the light of truth.

In Shops: March 22, 2023

Diamond Code: JUN221903

Queer comedy icon and internet sensation Dandy, of the secret organization known as the Lavender Society, brings you this special collection of Victorian era horror stories written and illustrated by the best up-and-coming LGBTQ+ creators.

In Shops: Aug 24, 2022


Diamond Code: MAR231312

The flutter of first dates, the thrill of a text-back, the heart-stopping seconds before coming out, and the rush when finally discovering who you truly are - all of these life-changing moments across the full spectrum of LGBTQIA+ experience are ready to explore in this bright and inspiring comics anthology! The Color of Always is a collection of personal stories, testimonies, heirlooms, evocations, and evangelisms for queer creators and readers that celebrates feeling good about who you are, and coming into your own at last.

In Shops: May 24, 2023


Diamond Code: DEC231264

A comics anthology celebrating the strength, power, and agency of women, specifically those whose stories begin and end at the point of blade! From the depths of antiquity, female heroes have captivated imaginations. Leaders, keepers of wisdom, warriors of strength, monsters, magicians, or modern marvels; they all stride through these pages in astonishing adventures arrayed with the clang of edged weapons in battle.

In Shops: Feb 21, 2024

Anthology Work Samples

Curated extracts from anthologies and collections.

01 | Seeing Red (Click to Read)

“Oft have I heard that grief softens the mind, And makes it fearful and degenerate; Think therefore on revenge and cease to weep.” ― Shakespeare

A five (5) page story without dialogue that follows an auburn-haired wanderer on the Western frontier.

She kills without emotion or hesitation, and yet there's purpose to her cold precision, revealed over the tale's brief but powerful duration.

Blood is sometimes more than vengeance
It is a promise kept. 

Artwork by Liana Kangas & Skylar Patridge
Lettering by DC Hopkins
Included in the "Off Into the Sunset" Comic Anthology
02 | Sojourner (Click to Read)

“Humans, not places, make memories.”
― Ama Ata Aidoo

A ten (10) page science fiction story about love, loss, and the journey of discovering who you are without forgetting where you came from.

Art by Fell Hound - Lettering by LetterSquids
Edited by Jordan Patrick Finn
Included in the "Project Big Hype Vol. 1" Comic Anthology

Smaller Gigs

Small One-Page "Jam" Sessions & Other Short Stories

01 | Daughter of Hope

A one-page jam adaptation of a poem from my collected works: a whimsical origin reinterpretation of the elder survivor of the House of El. 

Artwork by Elisabeth Mkheidze | Coloring by Gab Contreras
Lettering by DC Hopkins
02 | Taking Names

A five (5) page short based in the Commander Rao universe by Fell Hound, published through Scout Comics. A bonus story as part of the "And We Love You" Kickstarter. 

Artwork by alexschlitz

Contests and Other Stories

Fully Furnished Submissions for Story Contests and Other Tales 

01 | Beastial (Click to Read)

A five (5) page contemporaneous fantasy crime procedural story submission for the 2021 Platform Comics 10k contest.

Prompts were "Animals rule the world" and the key phrase is "Why is that dog acting funny?"

Art & Lettering by Marcus Jimenez
Panel artwork from my comic short story called Beastial.
Panel artwork from my short story called Bestial
Panel artwork from my short story called Beastial

Script Examples  

Selected scripts from past writing projects and exercises.

01 | Dauntless | - Full issue concept. Airships! Explosions! Drama! Treasure! Did I mention Airships?

Pitch Examples

Selected story pitches for future projects that mostly only come to me right before I fall asleep.

01 | The Home Guard | - A story about family, loyalty, and identity in a violent distant future (& giant robots).

02 | MONSTROUS! | - A period horror and crime thriller one-shot story set in 19th-century urban Scotland.
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